About Us

A Plus digitizing is a premium embroidery digitizing and vector art company, serving its clients around the globe round the clock for all their embroidery digitizing and vector art needs.


Whether it's a matter of getting your logo digitized for embroidery or converted into vector art for printing on a promotional product, A Plus digitizing will serve you the way you want!

At A Plus Digitizing, we work with a code of conduct and a privacy policy. If you are a digitizing company or a vector art company looking for experienced digitizers or vector artists, a promotional apparel company looking for the most reliable and a professional digitizing or vector art source or a small embroidery or a printing shop looking for an affordable digitizing company, A Plus Digitizing is the only choice you got.

A Plus Digitizing is more than just the software operators. We are affiliated with the apparel industry for more than 2 decades. We understand the challenges and limitations of our clients and the expectations of the Final Customers. Due to our practical experience in Embroidery and Printing, we know what is going to come out of our creation? We digitize and design logos not just to look right on your monitors but also perform well in process and look great on the final product.

With our offices in America & Europe and the workshop in Asia, we can assure you the best embroidery digitizing & vector art in an extremely nominal price.


Sign up today & let our savvy digitizers / vector artists assist you & fulfill your every digitizing and vector needs.